The durability of cargo hold paint is vital for ship profitability. Now Hempel have set a new

performance standard for cargo hold protection.


Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 elevates the already class-leading performance of

Hempadur Ultra Strength 47500 - which has protected 6.4 million square meters of steel since

2009 - to even higher levels.


Ultra-fast curing and reinforced with Hempel's patented fibre technology, Hempadur

Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 can achieve up to an extraordinary 40 per cent* reduction in

cargo hold maintenance costs. Imagine what a new kind of Ultra-Strength could do for you.


Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510

A unique combination of technologies means Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 offers next generation standards of durability and efficiency.


  • Patented fibre technology
  • Ultra-fast curing for fast return to service
  • Self-toughening technology to resist to the toughest cargo damage
  • Smooth, hard speeds up fold cleaning operations, loading-unloading operations and pre-loading inspections for faster turnarounds
Setting a new standard
The Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 offers outstanding return on investment thanks to the long-term savings in cargo hold maintenance, its cargo flexibility and easy cleanability; boosting turnaround time and ship profitability.
Up to 40% reduction in maintenance costs*
Cargo hold maintenance is reduced thanks to Hempel's unique fibre composite epoxy technology.
10-year major service life
Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 has a life-span of 10 years before a major repair service is due.
One of the fastest times to first cargo in the market
It takes just three days to reengage your vessel after coating application**. Minimizing your vessel's off-hire costs.
High gloss level and retention
The supreme quality and strength of Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 ensures it looks good for longer. It simplifies cleaning operations and speeds up pre-loading inspections.


Ultra-Strength 47510

Outstanding cargo hold protection.


  • Very short time to first hard cargo - just three days**
  • Superior thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance to all dry bilk cargoes
  • High cargo flexibility
  • One product for all seasons; easy application from -5°C/23°F to 40°C/10°F
  • Easy-to-clean coating with a glossy appearance
  • Complies with FDA regulation in respect of carriage of dry foodstuffs
  • Approved for non contamination of gain cargo at NOHH, Great Britain
Advanced technology for long-lasting protection

The unique combination of superior mechanical resistance, fibres and the
self-toughening technology makes Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 the new leader
in cargo hold paint. Offering long-term performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Patented fibre technology

Hempadur's fibre is Hempel's proprietary technology. Fibre provides to Hempadur Ultra-Strength 47510 with superior coating flexibility in critical hold areas where standard coatings can't withstand to steel deformation and impacts during cargo loading-unloading operations.

Self-toughening technology

The self-toughening technology is activated by the cargo's heat, boosting coating mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance and offering overall improved cargo hold protection.

Rapid curing for fast return to service

Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 is impressively fast curing, delivering one of the fastest time to first hard cargo on the market of only three days** strongly reducing off-hire costs.

Discover how the New Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 can reduce your cargo hold maintenance costs

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* Compared to a standard epoxy coating for cargo holds. Bulk carrier size: Panamax.

Cost simulation based on 10 years major repair interval. Country of maintenance. China

** At curing temperature of 25°C/77°F


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